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Ear lobes can change over the years from wear of heavy earrings and loss of volume from aging. Rejuvenating the ear lobe can either consist of fillers to add volume to droopy lobes and/ or repairing defects of the lobes. 

Ear lobe repair is a common procedure to fix stretched or torn ear lobes from heavy earrings over time. The repair is a quick in-office procedure under local anesthesia. If you would like to pierce the earlobe again, this can be done in the office six weeks after closure. 

These are the common aspects that our procedure can fix:

•    Saggy ear lobes from heavy earrings (long term use)
•    Unsightly ear lobes caused by improper piercing or infection
•    Earlobe deformities
•    Traumatic earlobe injury
•    Expanded holes from intentional stretching/gauging and body modification

Droopy and floppy earlobes can be improved using volumizing fillers. It can help provide a more youthful earlobe appearance and can allow stud earrings that sag to sit properly.