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I loved my experience with Dr. Capla. She made me feel incredibly comfortable and had the most amazing bed-side manner. Her work was spectacular. I could not have asked for a better doctor.
~ August, 2019

Dr. Capla and her team are such a dream! I cannot express what an amazing experience I had from the moment I stepped into her office. Not only does she provide the highest level of professionalism, but her aura and energy makes you feel so comfortable and assured. She did an outstanding job and I am beyond happy with my results! She’s the best!
~ August, 2019

Dr. Capla is outstanding!!!
Dr. Capla and her staff made me feel at ease. Dr. Capla is compassionate, knowledgeable, professional and has an awesome bedside manner. She is a true artist in her craft. Her work is so precise and she is so detail oriented – all the things you want and need in a plastic surgeon. I highly recommend Dr. Capla because I have been a very pleased and much younger looking patient!
~ July, 2019

I really dislike going to the doctor, however, that all changed when I went to Dr. Capla! She took her time with me, explained everything to me on a level I could understand and answered every one of my questions. She is beyond lovely and really cares about her patients. I wish I could see her every week she makes me feel so good. Another bonus, her staff. Denise greets you with a smile that is genuine and you can see how well the two of them work together. Besides all of that, her work is top notch!

~ July, 2019

I’ve had an amazing experience with Dr. Capla. From the moment I met her I knew she was the right provider for me. She explained everything thoroughly and answered all my questions. My surgery and recovery was well managed and Dr. Capla and her team were there with me every step of the way. And the results…. AMAZING. I’ve never felt better and more secure with myself. She truly had golden hands and is an expert in plastic surgery. I recommend her highly!
~ July, 2019

Dr. Capla is outstanding! Dr. Capla and her staff made me feel at ease. Dr. Capla is compassionate, knowledgeable, professional and has an awesome bedside manner. She is a true artist in her craft. Her work is so precise and so detail oriented all the things you want in a plastic surgeon. I highly recommend Dr. Capla because I have been a very pleaed and much younger looking patient!
~ July, 2019

Dr. Jennifer Capla and her staff were the perfect team for my extensively researched decision to have surgery. Every option and ultimate result were explained in detail with clarity, compassion and understanding of my personal needs. From consultation, to surgery, to post operative visits and results I am blessed to have found Dr. Capla.
~ July, 2019

Thank You Dr Capla for Changing my Life!.
Dr Jennifer Capla changed my life! Five months ago I finally woke up and admitted to myself that I wanted a breast reduction. From the moment I chose her to perform my breast reduction surgery to now, she has been with me every step of the way. Firstly, she wants to get to know you as a person and understand your health history, and then she turns on the surgeon switch. All surgeons in NYC are very smart…we know that. What differentiates Dr Capla from all surgeons is that she is bloody brilliant and confident, but she is very secure as a surgeon that she does not need to boast it. She was honest and realistic with me from day one, and thoroughly answered all of my questions. The days leading up to the surgery she took the time to continually meet with me, but also insisted on meeting my support system: my parents and my sister. My mother is a tough, fair, and direct healthcare professional, and she loved Dr Capla from their initial meeting. The day of surgery was flawless; Dr Capla and the hospital staff comforted me every step of the way. Post-surgery all of Dr Capla’s patients are required to stay a nearby hotel with specialized registered nurses to take care of you overnight – the coolest and smartest nurses work for Dr Capla’s office. The next day Dr Capla visited me in my hotel suite and unveiled the girls – I was very happy with the results. It has been over two months since my surgery and I am extremely happy with the results. Dr Capla is an artist! Dr Capla does not stop there because I have been seeing Dr Capla for checkups throughout my recovery and into next year. She ensures that the aesthetics are very pleasing, but her primary concern is your health, so she is with you every step of your recovery. Also, a shout-out to Dr Capla’s wing-woman, Nurse Manager, Denise. She is honest, organized, and approachable. Also, she is a natural problem-solver and has the rare quality of truly understanding the nuances of the insurance industry. Thank you Dr Capla for changing my life and Denise for keeping me organized through it all. I highly recommend Dr Capla!
~ December 2018

Fantastic Surgeon, Great Staff. Highly Recommend!
Upon arriving at Dr.Capla’s immaculate office I was immediately greeting by her friendly staff. Denise is just fantastic and always made me feel comfortable and answered any questions I had. Speedy recovery and my stomach never looked so good. Dr.Capla took the time to get to know me and was there every step of the way.
~ October 2018

Five Star Experience!
Dr. Capla and her staff were incredibly responsive to my questions and concerns. This surgery and their care exceeded my expectations. They were professional and kind, which one sometimes doesn’t find in the medical field. I travelled about two hours to see Dr. Capla based on a recommendation, and it was worth the trip. They worked with my schedule and were flexible to have it align with mine. The overnight nurses were sweet and offered an outstanding level of care. I highly recommend Dr. Capla to anyone considering breast reduction!

~ September 2018

The Best
Dr. Capla was an outstanding surgeon and am very pleased with my results. Dr. Capla is very thorough and meticulous which as a patient, are important factors to consider when choosing your surgeon. Dr. Capla and her staff are very diligent at follow ups and made me feel very comfortable through my journey. Her office staff is extremely attentive and kind – I truly enjoyed office visits as Dr. Capla and her staff provide a loving and welcoming environment. Highly, highly recommended!

~ September 2018

Dr. Capla is an amazing plastic surgeon whose calm demeanor, excellent results and overall experience is unparalleled. I had an abdominoplasty and brachioplasty at the same time. Both were life changing for me.

~ September 2018

Life Changing Surgery
Dr. Capla is a wonderful person and an amazing plastic surgeon. She convinced me to do an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) instead of breast reconstruction. It was a life changer. The outcome was beyond my dreams. I also had a brachioplasty (upper arms) at the same time. All of my friends are envious of my upper arms! This was all done to remove the excess skin after 120lb weight loss.
~ September 2018

I loved Dr. Capla she really helped make my dream procedure into a reality. She answered all my questions honestly and was there every step of the way. I had a breast reduction and she was very knowledgeable with that field. Especially for plus size women you really want someone who understands your body and that’s Dr. Capla.
~ September 2018

My experience with Dr. Capla was nothing short of perfection.
From the moment I walked into her office for the first time I felt like family.
She made me feel so comfortable I didn’t have a worry in the world before my surgery.
My end results were even better than expected.
Can’t wait to do something else!
Highly recommend!!
~ September 2018

Dr. Capla is best of the best!
Dr. capla has fixed a lot of excessive skin damage on my body and I would not have gone thru this with anyone else. She is smart & creative which who knew was needed in surgery (the creative part), compassionate, patient, accessible, talented and kind. This is all besides being one of the best plastic surgeons in New York City. I trust her most!

~ September 2018

From my first meeting to the beautiful results, I could not be happier.
Dr Capla is amazing. Her superb results can speak for themselves but she’s also kind, patient and understanding. I can’t say enough about her, her staff and my pre-Surgery, day of, and post op and recovery experience. The results have been life changing.

~ September 2018

The best plastic surgeon!
It was really important for me to find a doctor that understood what I wanted and trusted. Dr. Capla from the moment I met her exceeded those expectations. She is an amazing surgeon and changed my life! Denise who works in the office for her is amazing as well. She went above and beyond to make sure my dream of getting a breast reduction and lift could happen.

~ February 2017

36yr Old Mom of 2 Kids – & a “Bumpa”…
Mood: great . Loving my new body and enjoying putting on my clothes and figuring out new outfits ones that don’t include Bumpa .. But my body so I can finally express my true self. First left side drain doc removed on my 6 week visit .. It was fast and easy and didn’t hurt one bit.. She had me take deep breaths in and out and poof it was out.. During that time she had to reinforce my right drain I called it the gutter drain .. My body was kicking it out and so she had to stitch it.. It didn’t hurt skin is numb around incision area she was kind just in case she numbed a little just a pinch like a small piercing was felt. My right drain the following Wednesday lost suction .. I saw doc and she said that it has come out to much and decided to remove it and any fluid she will remove with a needle that Friday.. Well thank God no need my body reabsored and drain holes are now completely healed they took about 2 days to close on there own ( just as doc said they would) I’m still wearing the support bandage just in case ., I feel more comfortable wearing it. I’m seeing doc this Friday .. I wil ask if ok not to wear it .. I have put some pictures of me before my drains come out .. I will post more recent pics soon

~ February 2016

I had known for a long time that I wanted to get a breast reduction/lift, but I’m not sure I would have done it if I hadn’t met Dr. Capla. For me this surgery wasn’t about having “the perfect breasts,” it was about having the perfect breasts for me — results that fit my body and my conception of myself. Dr. Capla was the only one of several surgeons I visited who truly understood this and who wouldn’t have it any other way. She understood that this surgery, that any surgery like this, is truly an emotional and physical journey.

In the weeks leading up to my surgery and in the months after, Dr. Capla was so kind, attentive and available. She met with me, spoke with me, and texted with me whenever I had concerns and I have been extremely thankful for that. Six months after my surgery, even the day after my surgery, I was blown away by the results and by Dr. Capla’s exceptional skill and attention to detail. I could not have asked for or imagined better — she is an artist. I wake up every day so glad that I had this surgery and so glad that I found Dr. Capla. I could not recommend her more highly.
~ December 2015

The lipoma was uncomfortable and interfered with my clothing. Dr. Capla and her team were excellent. I did not feel any pain during surgery, and it healed beautifully. The best part is that I received clear information about the procedure. Dr. Capla personally followed up with me after the procedure, and it was comfortable from beginning to end.
~ July 2015

I had a breast reduction and lift with Dr. Capla a few months ago. It was by far the best thing I ever did. The procedure went exactly as she stated and I have never been happier with the results. I had to travel over 2 hours each time to see her but it was well worth the effort. She required a few pre-op appointments and regularly met with me post-op to make sure healing was happening correctly. At one time I was unable to get into the city for a post appointment so she allowed me to send her pictures via email and she got back to me immediately.
~ July 2015

I had a breast reduction and lift with Dr. Capla a few months ago. It was by far the best thing I ever did. The procedure went exactly as she stated and I have never been happier with the results. I had to travel over 2 hours each time to see her but it was well worth the effort. She required a few pre-op appointments and regularly met with me post-op to make sure healing was happening correctly. At one time I was unable to get into the city for a post appointment so she allowed me to send her pictures via email and she got back to me immediately.
~ July 2015

I knew that I was slim and in shape from years of running and working out, but I still wanted the tummy tuck to get rid of the excess skin from 2 twin and one singleton pregnancies. Plus, I had had breast implants in 2003 that I always felt were too big for me personally, so we removed them and inserted the smallest size possible while giving me a lift. I felt like I got my old body back and a flatter tummy than I was ever able to achieve through working out and dieting.
~ July 2015

Prior to my surgery, I had consulted with several physicians after extensive research to find the right person to perform my procedure(s). My main concern was that the surgeon would understand my view on what I desired as an outcome. I have worked in the healthcare field for many years and I knew within the first five minutes of the consultation that I had found my surgeon. Dr. Capla took the time to listen to my view and my concerns. She was able to tell me the possibilities. The exchange was personal yet professional. The outcome exceeds my expectations. Dr. Capla is that rare individual who meets all your expectations on competency, personality and compassion.
~ April 2015

The ankles is a notoriously hard area. The recovery can be long and painful. I felt Dr Capla managed my expectations in terms of pain very well. She has an excellent bedside manner as well. The recovery was actually much less painful than I’d imagined. It is however very important to follow doctors orders and elevate the feet and wear the garment or there will be swelling. I am thrilled with the results of the surgery. I think the results have made an enormous difference in the overall look of my legs! I really love the look of my ankles! It had been an area I was very self conscious of and now I feel confident in skirts and shorts.
~ April 2015

I’d been considering this procedure for years, and only after meeting Dr. Capla and her excellent staff, did I feel fully confident in going forward with it. I’m so glad I did – my results exceeded my expectations and the scarring is minimal. It’s made a huge difference in my life – having smaller breasts makes me look thinner, and I’m able to be more active in the sports I love. I will be returning for another procedure later this year, especially because I have so much confidence in Dr. Capla and the results. I recommend Dr. Capla 100%!
~ February 2015

Hi! My name is Francelina and I was a contestant on NBC’s The Biggest Loser Season 14. After losing over 170 lbs I was in great desperation. I struggled with painful excess skin after massive weight loss. It was a really difficult situation because of how taboo talking about excess skin was after being on a show like the one I was on. Most people assumed that life after so much weight loss was a smooth transition without consequences. Unfortunately, this is not accurate. It was a difficult time and it took a lot of courage to speak out about it. I felt deformed, defeated, insecure, and often wondered if losing the weight was “worth it.” Luckily I had many amazing people supporting me and who kept reminding me that it was in fact worth it and that there were ways to address the skin. After all,I had the most important thing back–my health! I later came across Dr. Jennifer Capla(based in New York) who selflessly donated her time to me to improve the quality of my life. She is UNBELIEVABLE! I feel blessed to know her and has been more than just a doctor. I consider her a friend and family. There are no words to describe what she has given me back! It’s been 6 months since my first excess skin removal surgery. I can’t tell you how much it has changed the quality of my life. Not only physically.. (Goodbye rashes and cuts) BUT emotionally— Not to mention I already started to lose more weight! Some of the reasons include; increased mobility ( getting the skin removed has given me more flexibility when it comes to workouts and now I can do things I could not because of all the “extra” I was carrying around) also emotionally, I feel so much more confidence and just vigor to keep transforming my body since now I can physically see changes. I strongly recommend Dr. Jennifer Capla. I have never met anyone like her in my entire life. I will attach pictures so you can see her work BUT I wish I could show you what she has done for me on the inside as well. If you have lost a lot of weight, do not give up! There are ways to address the skin and keep moving forward with your life with much more vigor, passion, and determination. Never give up! Dreams do come true! Mine did.
~ January 2015

I worked 5 years to lose 175 pounds through diet and exercise. My whole life changed, but not exactly how I thought it would. I opted for surgery to remove excess skin. I had a tummy tuck, penniculectomy, arm lift and lipo on my thighs. The results are truly life-changing and I don’t regret my choice.
~ November 2014

I had big, sloppy, saggy 14 year saline implants I got when I was only 18. I no longer wanted to be a 34DD and I wanted them lifted. I choose Dr. Capla because she specializes in reconstruction and I knew my breasts needed a very complicated lift and closure of the capsulation from my old implants. My original breast incision was under my nipple and it healed really well. Dr. Capla offered the lollipop incision for my breast lift which is a little better than an anchor.
~ November 2014

Thank you! You are wonderful.
~  April, 2014

Words cannot express enough the gratitude I feel for what you have done for me.
~  January, 2014

Thank you so much for helping me in my time of need. I admire your professionalism and commitment to the Hippocratic Oath. You are a model of care composure in “stilettos”. I am so grateful.
~ February, 2013

Thank you for everything, especially coming over to my home to see me. You are a very talented surgeon and a wonderful physician.
March, 2013

Thank you for making me look amazing in my clothes once again. You are a sweet, amazing woman and a great doctor.
November, 2012

Thank you is too small of a word. You are an amazing person and physician. “Thank you” for changing how I perceive myself (skinny arm). I never thought to use that word with my body.
December, 2012

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