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Paul Mason on ‘The View’: Former Fattest Man in the World

Paul Mason once weighed 1,000 pounds and explains how he lost the weight. Watch an excerpt from The View interview video at

Former 980-Pound Man Adjusts After a Difficult Skin Operation

It was a complex case, and not only because of the logistics or the simple fact that there was more of Mr. Mason to remove than there usually is for patients in his position. This latest operation, in early May, was the culmination of two years of effort by Dr. Capla.

Weight loss surgeries fuel rise in plastic surgery, doctors say

Nearly 179,000 obese Americans underwent weight loss surgery in 2013. However, once the goal of shedding the pounds has been accomplished, many are not satisfied with their thinner bodies because large amounts of excess skin fails to shrink back to its previous size. That’s where plastic surgery or body contouring procedures come in.

The 24-Hour Boob Job

Women are getting their breasts enlarged several cup sizes in less than an hour. By midnight, though, the effects will be wearing off, and by the time Saturday brunch rolls around, their chests will be back to their natural sizes.

The 24-hour boob job as a test-drive for breast augmentation.

Paul Mason Continues Amazing Weight-Loss Journey With Skin-Removal Surgery

Paul Mason made headlines in 2010 after the TLC special World’s Fattest Man but is now back in the news for continuing his weight-loss journey after already losing over 600 pounds.

*Warning: this post contains a graphic image of Paul’s skin during surgery.

Surgery to remove man’s excess skin exceeds expectations

Thanks to three doctors with ties to Pittsburgh and a complex surgery, a man who once was one of the heaviest in the world shed 48 more particularly stubborn pounds Tuesday. “The surgery exceeded our expectations,” said lead surgeon Jennifer Capla. The removal of a large mass of skin from his right leg “should give him the ability to walk,” she said.

Man has 99 pounds of excess skin removed after dramatic weight loss

Once dubbed “The World’s Heaviest Man,” a British man has traveled to New York City to undergo surgery to remove 99 pounds of excess skin.

330-Pound Man’s Skin-Removal Surgery Live Tweeted By New York Times Reporter

The formerly 980-pound man was dubbed the “world’s fattest man” before he dropped 650 pounds after a gastric bypass surgery five years ago. Dr. Jennifer Capla and a team of New York plastic surgeon offered to take off the extra skin for free.

*Warning: this post contains graphic images of Paul’s skin during surgery.

Man who lost 650 pounds gets life-changing surgery

Paul moved to Orange in October 2014 to live with his fiancée, Rebecca Mountain, and to be closer to the New York City plastic surgeon, Jennifer Capla, who offered to perform skin removal surgery free of charge.

British Man’s Quest For Life-Changing Surgery Leads Him To Mass.

On April 28th, Dr. Jennifer Capla from Lenox Hill Hospital performed the life-changing, eight hour long surgery a British man who was once one of the heaviest men in the world.

Losing 650 Pounds, and Preparing to Shed a Reminder of That Weight

Paul Mason lost 650 pounds after gastric bypass surgery but was left with a 100 pounds of loose skin.  After tracking down Mr. Mason in England, Dr. Capla presented him with a life-changing proposition: If he could get to the United States, she would perform the skin-removal surgery and waive her fees.

New York Super Doctors: Rising Stars Edition.

New York Times Magazine, September 2014

What a Difference a Day Makes

Dr. Capla has recently begun utilizing a novel technique to help patients interested in breast augmentation better determine whether they are truly ready to undergo breast enhancement.

-Dr. Capla was misquoted stating that the charge for the procedure was $450.00 instead of just for the consultation.

PS cover The New Guards: Drs Rosenberg, Lattman and Capla Take Manhattan.

Plastic Surgery Practice, September 2013